Green Arc Energy Advisors LLC Product Installation

Green Arc Energy Advisors LLC Product Installation By Guy Albert De Chimay

The Frisch School

Guy Albert De Chimay New York, NY — Today, Green Arc Energy Advisors LLC announced the completion of the Phase 1/Gymnasium upgrades at the Frisch School in Paramus, NJ. In this first phase of a multi-phase LED retro-commissioning of the school’s buildings, Green Arc replaced 84 existing 349-watt metal halide gym high-bay fixtures with new 150 watts LED fixtures manufactured by MLED. The new fixtures offer a combined load reduction of 17Kw, eliminating 72,000 kilowatt-hours of consumption from the school’s annual electrical usage. As a result of the conversion, on-court light levels are now 90 foot-candles, a near double over the existing values, while reducing direct consumption by 57%.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying Green Arc’s solutions, including The Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy Charter Schools (HCZ). HCZ deployed the same fixtures to great effect in several of its facilities, including their 125th Street, and 129th Street gymnasiums.

As with all LED upgrades, the benefits extend well beyond the initial usage reductions. In addition to the direct wattage reductions, the new fixtures eliminate almost 1000 BTUs per hour in passive heat gain, which must be removed by the facilities’ HVAC systems. In most facilities, for every dollar saved at the plug, a dollar is saved in HVAC costs during the cooling season. The new fixtures carry a 7-year warranty, have a 100,000+ hour useful life, requiring no maintenance. All fixtures include 10KV surge protection and are engineered for low glare.

Green Arc products are available for sale independently, or as turnkey installations. Utilizing licensed electricians, Green Arc can deliver complete installations of our entire product line, on a national basis. Green Arc Energy Advisors and Eclipse are registered trademarks, and trademarks of Green Arc Energy Advisors LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

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