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Guy Albert de Chimay Highlights Green Arc's Commitment to Transforming Outdoor Sports Lighting

Guy Albert de Chimay Highlights Green Arc's Commitment to Transforming Outdoor Sports Lighting.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 9, 2019 / -- Sports lighting remained virtually unchanged for decades, especially when it came to outdoor sources of illumination, with metal halide lamps being the default option for stadiums and open courts. In recent years, however, the market has been moving steadily towards LED lighting amid a global push for energy efficiency and sustainability and recognition of the benefits associated with smart solutions. As the number of national and international sports events continues to rise, so do the construction of new sporting facilities and the expectations of fans, both in terms of live experiences and television broadcasts. LED installations are becoming increasingly popular due to the combination of superior light quality, longer life, energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs. Guy Albert de Chimay, executive vice-president of Green Arc Energy Advisors, firmly believes that LED is the future of outdoor sports lighting and is proud that his company is in the vanguard of promoting these solutions.

" The Eclipse™ fixtures have transformed the lighting in our facility, and our customers are very pleased with the upgrade. Green Arc’s customer service and support far exceeded our expectations. " — Martin Infante

The overwhelming majority of reports focus on stadiums, which represent the main sales driver for sports lighting. According to Zion Market Research, this segment will grow at a compound annual rate of 7.4% from 2018 through 2024, with global revenues rising from $389 million to $641 million over the forecast period. In its own report on the market, Technavio comments, "With rising construction of stadiums across the globe owing to the growing popularity of sporting events, the demand for stadium lighting will rise considerably in the forthcoming years. Stadium authorities are increasingly focusing on installing high-quality lighting systems as they enhance the viewing experience in the stadium. These lights also provide sports broadcasters with high-quality visuals, particularly for slow-motion replays." Despite the leading role of these facilities in driving LED adoption, there are numerous other venues where implementation is accelerating, Guy Albert de Chimay points out, giving as examples tennis, golf, and cricket courses and recreational playing fields. His company has identified particularly strong demand from tennis court operators, most recently completing the installation of outdoor lighting at Town Tennis Club in New York, NY.

Town Tennis Club

Town Tennis Club

Bohemia Manor High School

Green Arc prides itself on delivering LED-powered sports lighting that is suitable for use across all court and field surfaces. Engineered in collaboration with installers, the company's custom fixtures offer benefits such as resistance to water and dust, years of reliable service, and substantial reductions in direct energy usage (62%), Guy Albert de Chimay points out. The incorporation of computer-designed optics makes these solutions ideal for both amateur and professional purposes, in either direct or indirect lighting layouts. Moreover, the systems feature computer controls that facilitate operation and maximize energy benefits. As outdoor sports lighting installations align with the new standards of efficiency and the increasingly demanding requirements for performance, Green Arc and its solutions are uniquely positioned to meet these expectations.

Guy Albert de Chimay has served as executive vice-president of Green Arc Energy Advisors since 2014, helping transform the New York City-based company into one of the premier operators in the sports lighting market. Its portfolio includes engineering, design, and photometrics; bespoke solutions; and turnkey installations (including controls), with all services delivered nationwide through licensed electricians.

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